Illuminate has been established by architect Yousef Al-Haroun in 2008. It has now grown to become known for its minimalistic contemporary expressions with subtle references to Kuwait’s traditional vernacular. Although the office specializes in residential designs it has a multi faceted portfolio that range from various commercial to educational projects.

Illuminate means to brighten, shine or glow with light. This is exactly what our team intends to do with our architecture. By illuminating designs with fundamental understandings of local traditions, client’s needs and the environment we intend to elevate the quality of architecture.

“The vision is not to recreate the past, but to carry relevant aspects of its identity forward that expresses a contemporary sensitivity towards culture and the natural environment. Our work aims to produce a new architectural language that gains inspiration from the principles and essence of the past, and to address the functional needs of the present, and to aspire to create built forms for a more sustainable future”.

Yousef Al-Haroun, PhD